1984 censorship

The United Nations is not a world government, it is a forum in which nations can air their grievances, seek redress of the wrongs they have suffered, and hope that the major powers will not veto the organization's decision to separate fighting factions.

Although Orwell began writing long before Joseph Stalin had solidified his grip on the nation, the story predicts the means by which the Soviet Union would control its citizens. Today, graduate students can have much more nuanced and frank discussions about controversial periods in Chinese history than even college undergraduates.

1984 censorship essay

When a book crosses some lines but not others, censors generally use a scalpel rather than a sledgehammer. By banning the book, the government not only made the book more popular but also highlighted, rather than suppressed, exactly why the book was so relevant to the conditions of its citizens.

1984 censorship

Everything will be dead inside you. Dag, O. Why, indeed, would European countries agree to have nuclear missiles placed on their soil, knowing very well that the Soviet Union would retaliate; why did Japan agree to ''voluntary'' reductions in exports and liberalization of its import regulations, knowing that these measures would hurt their own economy?

The government can abuse its abundance of authority by controlling all of the media available to the citizens.

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Censorship in by George Orwell