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Also, the owners invest their funds in the company in the expectation of reasonable return to its share holders depends on the profits earned by it.

This includes the amount available for the apportionment to its owners for providing their capital at risk.

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The important ratios this are- Working Capital Turnover Ratio: A firm may also like to reduce net current assets to net sales. Company cant sell as much as sugar in the market at any specific time, as sugar release mechanism is controlled by government of India.

In some cases if the data is not easily available, then this ratio can be calculated by dividing the net sales by closing inventory. Profitability an important measure of efficiency. Turnover or Activity Ratios : The Turnover Ratio or Activity ratios are concerned with measuring the efficiency in asset management.

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Meanwhile, in the crop years, sugarcane production stood at million tonnes. There is an opportunity for freedom of expression for the trainees. Hence, in general a high turnover ratio of debtors is or short collections period is preferable. Liquidity Ratios: Liquidity of the company means its ability to meet its current and short term obligations when they become due for payment. This includes the amount available for the apportionment to its owners for providing their capital at risk. Molasses Bagasses For sale of Molasses and Bagasses we use to make a vide publicity in the various news papers in Karnataka and Maharashtra and also floating the enquiries to the prospective purchasers in order to get competitive offers and better price realization. Profitability Ratio: The management of a company or the company itself is naturally interested to measure operating efficiency. In DKSSK, introduce new technologies and products strategies importance in time with national objective to improve quality reliability of products there by attaining the international standards. The rates will be collected over telephone from the various parties along with grade and quantity of sugar required by them. The quick ratios of the company for five years from to are 1. Strategy The way in which a business aims to improve its position in relation to its competition is embodies in its strategy or the way of doing something in an organization. Any new entrepreneur should venture in this sector. Good Administration 2. Request Price or Submit Enquiry Sugarcane juice in PET Bottles must be a demandable product as there are few units which are producing mango juice, guava juice, mixed juice and orange juice in PET Bottles but not sugar cane. Due to uncertain rainfall procurement of raw material is being affected High competition in procurement of raw material.

The industry pegs total production at around 25 million tonnes in the ongoing season, with serious price implications for the commodity.

The overall market for fruit juices of all types would thus be around Rs 18 billion. Skilled and efficient staff and labor force 6. This story appears in the 24 January, issue of Forbes India.

PET Bottles sugar cane juice will fetch the good market as this is a new concept for our country. Quality policies Environment policies T.

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