An analysis of the defeat at san jacinto

The terrain however was decisive in every way.

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His mounted troops rode around the Mexican flanks while the Texan battle line moved quickly and quietly directly across the open prairie.

According to Hardin, "Santa Anna had presented Mexico with one military disaster; Filisola did not wish to risk another. The officers were commissioned because of political ties from the upper class and higher middle class.

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Morale, Health, and Welfare 3. In MaySanta Anna requested an inquiry into the event.

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She was in service with the Africa Squadron in when she captured the slave ship Storm King. It was a humiliating defeat and for years. The Texian government had been forced off the mainland, with no way to communicate with its army, which had shown no interest in fighting. Two of the officers suggested attacking the enemy in his position; the others favored waiting Santa Anna's attack. Outcome 5. Groce plantation on the Brazos River, where they camped and drilled for a fortnight. Houston quickly persuaded Rusk that his plans were sound. Whatever the case, the battle of San Jacinto proved that patience and thorough planning will win. The search party did not recognize him until he was addressed as "el presidente" by other Mexican prisoners. San Jacinto Monument. Santa Anna somehow evaded execution and eventually made his way back to Mexico, where he would later resume the Presidency, go back on his word, and try more than once to re-take Texas. Millard, Alexander Somervell, Joseph L. Houston detached 2 infantry companies and one cavalry troop with non-effective troops to include wounded, sick, and fresh recruits so the men in his ranks at San Jacinto were generally in good health, ready and willing to fight.

The Texans wanted to fight and several junior officers tried to convince Houston to attack. Courtesy of Ernest Mettendorf Photography.

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Lamara private, so distinguished himself that on the next day he was placed in command of the cavalry. These officials had avoided Santa Anna in Harrisburg a no longer extant town about 11 miles west of the San Jacinto Battleground.

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Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had three armies, totaling roughly 5, men, moving north to squash the revolts. Santa Anna, on the other hand, split his force, sending some units to secure his long supply line while others sought to capture the provisional Texan government. All participated in the Battle of San Jacinto, as well as other skirmishes. This would prove to be a fatal mistake for the Mexican forces. Whatever the case, the battle of San Jacinto proved that patience and thorough planning will win. Introduction a. As tensions between Mexican authorities and the Texians grew over the years, Mexican military officials decided to take the cannon away from the potentially rebellious Texians. He secretly promised to persuade the Mexican Congress to acknowledge the Republic of Texas and to recognize the Rio Grande as the border between the two countries. Because of the little resistance he met in his pursuit of the Texan forces he misjudged and underestimated their potential. By Anglos vastly outnumbered the native Mexicans in Texas by over nine to one. The Texians refused the release the cannon and forced the retreat of the dragoons. The glorious victory silenced his critics and gave him the invincible air of a war hero, which served him in good stead during his subsequent political career.
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