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How to cite this page Choose cite format:. However, the poetry of the Romantic poets was not just restricted to describing love. John Polidori—should write a ghost story.

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This time instead of using mythology and classical literature as his source material, he used the true Renaissance story of the macabre Cenci family, the villainous count and his virtuous daughter, Beatrice. One common theme is that experiences were understood by Romantic poets through their effects on personal emotions. All of nature mixes and mingles, so why not you and I? How about it? This short line is tricky to scan. At the end however there is no resolution. Nature has meaning for this speaker. This is sometimes the price a revolutionary spirit pays for choosing literature instead of political power.

The poem is about a man walking through the countryside after a night of rain, he reflects on the livelihood of the creatures that surround him and initially share their joy until his mind wanders to the dejection he feels for what man has become. And further inspiration from another of Donne's poems about love, The Flea: And in this flea, our two bloods mingled be; Shelley's idea isn't original by a long way but what makes this poem successful is the romanticism of the language, the structure and the accumulative effect of the argument from nature.

How about it? Being a romantic, Shelley uses simple yet engaging language to reinforce meaning. The young Shelley entered Eton, a prestigious school for boys, at the age of twelve.

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