Ancoring for college day

Because now they are here to occupy the stage to present their dance. I request sir to please come on to the dais. Indeed, it was a great performance by the students.

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Now i would like to call upon our beloved principal DR. You can say the following lines: Now I request the principal to come on the stage and felicitate Mr.

I heartily congratulate all the prize winners. Click Anchoring Scripts in Englishyou might find this useful too. At this stage, you can any other person to come on the stage and have discourse with the audience. You must have a good opening. To conclude the function, you can add any performance by the students.

anchoring script for college function

Wish you all the best! Thank you for your wonderful performance.

Anchoring script for cultural event/annual function- part 2

Because you will never make a second chance of making a first impression, the first impression makes your image in the audience mind, so you always have to open the function in an impressive way. You can witness its grandeur. It gives me immerse pleasure to welcome you all to the 7th orientation day program by swathi institute of technology and sciences. Thank you sir for your words which will surely be the deadlines for all of us. Now i request our director MR. To entertain the audience and bring amusement the anchors can have fun and add some sense of humor. I am sure that the Mother Nature will be happy. Every team member of the insert the name of the academy has put in their hearts and soul to make this really happen, you are going to witness it and you are going to realize it. Hire Writer But now o all will be entertained again by the of our school. So now I request the of our school to sing a song on this gracious occasion to bring a change In us to save the environment. Now I would like to call upon our student Mr. I request you for each and every act, I must hear a loud clap coming. Now i request our secretary and correspondent DR. You can expect an extravagant and a complete entertainment evening ahead. Please, a big round of applause for Mr.

Thank you.

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Siri Universe: College Orientation day anchoring script