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Now I can look back on Blur and see they've done some kind of interesting things. I was out of the game. But word caught on, and the band soon found themselves the focus of plenty of music industry attention. We hope. In fact, the only long-term band members to play on the songs were Murdoch, David, and Mick Cookewho played trumpet on the EP but would not officially join the band until a few years later.

Even if you write a song about a person, it's usually only half of a real person. They didn't appear in their press photos, let alone do interviews. Stuart Murdoch was a particularly pensive twenty-something thanks to a lengthy bout of myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome, which left him unable to work and barely able to function for close to a decade.

A stunning piece of economical poetry that paints such a vivid picture with so few words.

belle and sebastian belle and sebastian write about love songs
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