Broadcast commentary and critical writing activities

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Broadcast commentary and critical writing activities

Amafili , p. Kennedy Journalism Award. Use Exercise Five to help you understand the differences between writing for print and for broadcast. Social change can be appreciated in the sociology of the mass media. Whenever human behavior is in the process of modification, one finds that social change is occurring. News Commentary is to the broadcast media what Editorial is to the print media. This role is accomplished through the various contents programmes of the broadcast media which includes 23 special reports, news commentary and news analysis. Onitsha, A. Local Radio: Community Education for Development. Immediacy: This is the ability of broadcast media to bring to the audience real life events as they unfold. In most developing countries, radio is by far the most widely-used mass medium. Voraciousness: This is the capacity of broadcast media to consume large quantity of programme materials and to continuously indulge in the development of new ideas and untried programmes. It was followed by Minaj System Radio which was set up in November as the second private radio station in Nigeria. Magazine programmes: In broadcasting, magazine programmes may contain short talks, interviews, on-the-spot reports and eye witness account of events, commentaries, documentaries, music, poetry, and short stories, all built into one programme duration. Issues like Drug problems, tax evasion, mainly form a good feature programme.

Unpublished Paper. London: Focal Press.

It is therefore the challenge of each station to carry out effective programming to retain listenership and viewership. November 21, Broadcast commentary and critical writing essay. In fact, among their first tasks is to determine and make the case for why the project they have in mind fits the specific media format they propose. The cultivation theory which explains the behaviors of heavy television viewers as television personalities is a classic example of this compulsive nature of broadcast media. Mcleish, Robert Equally, it can extend its appeal to people of all ages, classes, whether educated or not. News commentary was created to fill the vacuum which news story failed to fill, due to lack of time in the broadcasting media. Enugu: ABIC. Just as one person is listening to a radio broadcast with his transistor set at a given time, so also are other persons listening to the same broadcast individually, unmindful of other persons. Firstly, the thing that initially hit me in the quoted piece was the character claiming to be the Alpha and the Omega — it was a very real shock. It could be anything from providing a different perspective, an alternative solution to a water management challenge, detailing ongoing concerns, posing unresolved questions or making a strong condemnation.

The following year, in AugustRay Power Radio became the first private radio station in the country. There is usually a very broad range of solutions, and pros and cons for each one option.

It is a human 9 interest in nature and appeals to emotions. Shortly afterwards inradio arrived properly on the Nigerian scene with the opening of the first Radio Distribution Service rediffusion in Lagos to distribute programmes which originated from the BBC in London.

difference between broadcast commentary and critical writing

Generally, commentaries and editorials follow three steps: What is this commentary about? Human society is constituted of human beings.

During the national struggle in s, the specialist found it more relevant that propaganda in convening the aim. Equally, it can extend its appeal to people of all ages, classes, whether educated or not. Broadcast news commentary is however as old as the news itself. Radio is much more a personal thing coming direct to the listener Mcleish, p. Boyd, Andrew Two Modes of Reading. By listening to good music or watching musical performances on television, the listener or viewer is transported mentally to the world of music. The media is a channel through which the useful information, ideas, knowledge, attitudes, feeling, etc, mentioned above is transmitted to the large massive audience. Voluntaries: The audience of broadcast media is at liberty to tune to any station of choice.
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Broadcast Commentary And Critical Writing Exercises