Counting syllables lesson plan

Vegetable Syllables Begin the lesson by discussing syllables, or a section of a word with one vowel sound.

Syllable clapping

For example: If your name is carrot, jump up and down, jump up and down, jump up and down. How many students in the class have the highest or lowest number of syllables? Have students arrange the syllables to form the words. For example, Juliana would jump four times. Check out her Phonological Awareness Ideas! Rotate around the room, monitoring for understanding. I wrote a lesson on teaching vowels too, which is in this series of articles below. This is a bit chaotic, but fun to watch how Kindergarteners organize themselves.

Print your name inside the hand outline. Now have students "chop" out the syllables on their arm as they say each syllable for the following words: peas, carrots, and tomatoes. She is also the proud mom of 2 little boys. Syllable counting strategy cards for playing games: Print the strategy cards and place them into a differentiated instruction cube.

Ask students to identify the number of syllables in the word corn. A word can have 1, 2, 3, 4, or even more syllables.

Showing them that these short words have one vowel will help. Be sure to stress to the students that we are not counting the letters in their names this is a different lesson.

lesson plan on two syllable words

Since vowel sounds are the sounds that can be sustained, they are the sounds that get emphasized when we hum. What is a syllable? Model tracing your hand, with the thumb tucked in, to create a 4-tentacled jellyfish on the paper plate.

Syllable games

Assessment 10 minutes Collect the Vegetable Syllables worksheet, assessing your students' understanding of syllables and ability to identify them. Showing them that these short words have one vowel will help. Have your class play the Syllable Game with the names of the creatures. Clap out the syllables in your name and put a sticky dot on the plate for each syllable. Be sure to include your own name with the class. The marker activity often used for word counting can be adapted for use in counting syllables. Here's a clapping game to help young learners understand about dividing words into syllables. Counting syllables is a pre-reading skill that children are expected to master in preschool or kindergarten. Have students arrange the syllables to form the words. Hang up for display. Have your child roll the cube and then count the syllables in a word using the strategy rolled. Independent working time 15 minutes Pass out paper plates and direct children to make their own jellyfish.
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