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The Health Manuals in four volumes brought out by CBSE must be referred to and graded activities taken up as part of the curriculum in schools.

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This certificate may be attached to that given by the Board in connection with the external examination 9. Children may remember many facts but they may not understand them or be able to relate them to the world around them Learning takes place both within the school and outside school.

It will rather lead to diagnosis, remedial action and enhancement of learning.

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The Kothari Commission report observed, On the completion of the course, at the end of the lower or higher secondary stage, the student should receive a certificate from the school alongwith the record of his internal assessment as contained in his cumulative record. In the assessment of Health Status the recordings of heights shall be in centimeter and the weight shall be mentioned in kilograms.

To strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity which leads to higher level of performance.

The semester system has been introduced by the government to improve the quality of education. In other words, leadership has to come from the Board. The term continuous is meant to emphasise that evaluation of identified aspects of students growth and development is a continuous process rather than an event, built into the total teaching-learning process and spread over the entire span of academic session.

To safeguard public property and to abjure violence x. Once the Boards get committed to this vital and supplementary system of evaluation and push it vigorously, this innovation will come to be accepted by more and more schools.

To value and preserve the rich heritage of our culture vii.

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It further adds, This internal assessment or evaluation conducted by the schools is of greater significance and should be given increasing importance. Art and work provide opportunities for holistic learning that is rich in tacit and aesthetic components. When evaluation is subsumed into teaching learning, learners will not perceive tests and examination with fear. The Health Card records the history in term of health for all learners from the time of admission in the school, till the time they leave. And it is childrens responsiveness to what is taught rather than just their capacity to retain it that should be the focus of evaluation, As a sequel to above, the Position Paper on Examination Reforms by NCERT , states, Indeed, it is our view that the tenth grade exam be made optional forthwith. To protect and improve natural environment viii. When evaluation is seen as an end of the learning exercise, both the teachers and the learners will tend to keep it outside the teaching-learning process, rendering assessment broadly irrelevant and alien to the curriculum. The following aspects will be taken care of in this area. These objectives are continuity in evaluation and assessment of broad based learning and behaviourial outcomes on the other. It will rather lead to diagnosis, remedial action and enhancement of learning. Semester system does not give any scope for extra classes due to lack of time. This is in line with the goals of education.
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Semester vs Annual System