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Writing in active voice does not require more advanced English, it just takes more effort. The quickest way from Point A to Point B is a straight line. Make an outline of each major point you want to make.

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In a world of countless hour news outlets, clearly communicating our findings so they are understood by the public is the first step to prevent the rapid spread of misinformation. Reading and Analyzing Literature 6. But what we are actually doing is isolating ourselves from the wider audience by being boring and confusing it. Literature Review: Models and Examples It is also understood better by those with basic English language skills. If a direct, concise scientific article is our objective, then we will need to make adjustments in the English translation. This book would be equally effective as a classroom text or a self-study resource. This requires a more advanced grasp of the English language — or does it? Structure of a Research Paper 9. Justifying Research: The Introduction This is a great analogy especially when communicating your research beyond your manuscript. This is in no way a concise document, unless you want your defense committee to think you spent your two or four years on the beach. There were two reasons for my initial support of passive voice. Results, Discussion, and Conclusion

Writing, demystified, is just another way for scientists to transmit what they know. I was suddenly back on level one at a game I thought I had tirelessly conquered.

English for writing research papers epub

First, passive voice sounds more classic, just like an English accent. I am now a firm supporter of active voice in scientific writing.

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LSM Manual Lecturer Support Material is available free to lecturers who lecture on courses where the book is prescribed but samples are also available should you wish to review what is available as part of your prescribed book selection process.

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