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The API is generic enough that a developer can write a Requestor, and that Requestor can work against all Writers in a generic sense.

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It now resides in the Microsoft Exchange Replication Service msexchangerepl. It is responsible for running volumes and creating the shadow copies. Basically, they get the email and scan it for protection, forward it to your organisations server and then store it for I think days.

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If you don't have this, it will crash at some point due to no maintenance. Therefore, multiple backup's running in parallel on the same Storage Group is not supported. Backup initiated transaction log file truncation will be triggered based on the type of backup chosen.

Advise them that the only acceptable option is 1.

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However, some Writers may support features that other Writers don't. IVssBackupComponents::AddRestoreSubcomponents defines the subcomponents of an Exchange Server database that can be selected for a restore operation. The Replication service will delete the backed up log files both from the active and the copy log file paths after it verifies that the to-be-deleted log files have successfully been applied to the copy database and both active database and the database copies checkpoint has passed the log files to be deleted. More Information: There was a lot of changes made between the Exchange and Exchange Writers, here is a short list: The Exchange Writer was implemented as a Singleton. It now resides in the Microsoft Exchange Replication Service msexchangerepl. Objects can only be obtained for those components that have been explicitly added to this document by the IVssBackupComponents::AddComponent method. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. The purpose of the status is to report that the current backup failed, but future attempts may succeed without reconfiguration. This blog post is geared to the Exchange writer. Exchange Server prohibits administrative actions against the databases, checks volume dependencies, and suspends all write operations to selected instance of the database and transaction log files while allowing read-only access. The VSS communicates with the appropriate storage provider to create a shadow copy of the storage volume that contains the Exchange Server databases.

VSS backup is built into several Microsoft products. The Exchange Writer ensures that when a Requestor performs a backup or a restore that the data is in a state that allows for properly recovery. If they moan and say that they will not accept downtime, get record of it, suggest the continuity service and that they should call their account manager and then end the call noting "customer accepts the risk of no backup and will not give doentime.

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