Health and safety in malaysian construction

Looking at statistics which show that most accidents occur due to unsafe methods and human elements, there is a need for in depth research in this area and methods to address the issue. However the current Health and Safety Act does not cover details on responsibilities of employee e.

The employers may be contractors, developers, building owners and etc. The CSD and CWS introduce regulatory instrument regulations, industry code of practice and guidelines that will mandate the client and the designer to manage OSH during pre-construction phase, which will shift the responsibility to manage OSH from the constructor, during the construction phase to the collective responsibility between the client, the designer and the constructor during the pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases.

Prior to that there were no specific guidelines for the implementation of health and safety programmes in the construction industry.

Safety and health act

Education and Training 3. However, it indirectly contributes vastly to the Malaysian economy due to raw material processing and manufacturing such as basic metal products. Poor safety awareness from top leaders 2. Sing, , A study on causes of accidents and prevention in Malaysian construction industry. R 7 Further research into this subject indicated that there are two main causes for the construction accidents in Malaysia. However, the issue of lack of communication skills amongst migrant workers and employers is an area that needs to be addressed as they represent a major portion of the labour work force. R 14 LEGEND D increase in cost 5 12 15 imposing psychological burden on workers 68 interrupting construction schedule impairing reputation of firms Figure 1: Impact of site accidents C.

R 15 should be responsible for their own health and safety and must be held accountable for their own welfare. They are not given formal training or guidance and are expected to pick up the skills through experience. R 6 Abdelhamid and Everett conducted a study on the causes of accidents in the United States and categorised them into two main factors which is human factors and physical factors.

Self-employed workers for example are not part of the SOCSO organisation and therefore are unrepresented statistically. Education and Training 3.

construction safety act
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