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Diana wrote this novel? I buy apples. Lo leo. See how the subject can be omitted in the second sentence here because the first subject provides the context. The difference is subtle in fact, sometimes there is no substantive difference , but the choice of wording can be a matter of emphasis rather than something that might come across in a translation. This is true especially when dealing with passives: Se venden libros. Learning the correct structure for a sentence also opens up your communication possibilities, as you can then easily substitute words in certain sentence format to get a ton of different phrases. When you master the art of word order, you can put into practice all those vocabulary and grammar rules you have learned, and produce perfectly grammatical and native-sounding sentences with the exact meaning you had in mind. Did Diana write this novel? The subject of his sentence is "cellphone," which is described by "that I had in order to make videos. Spanish-learners should have far less problems. There are times when you can put the verb in front of the subject! Imagine that Juan has green eyes and we want to say so in Spanish.

When you start learning a new language, you want to start speaking it right away, but you feel there is always something holding you back, making it impossible for you to make sense when you try to say something.

Yo leo libros It is me who reads books, not you, not him.

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In the second sentence the emphasis is on the writing: Diana wrote this novel. The subject of his sentence is "cellphone," which is described by "that I had in order to make videos. Is that really true?

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This may or may not be a good thing, depending on your point of view. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Spanish with real-world videos.

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Note that in some cases, this rule is turned on its head. For more examples of Spanish being used in real situations, check out FluentU.

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Make notes, look up unfamiliar words and study the constructions thoroughly in order to remember them! Continue Reading. I read books. As you can see, the Spanish sentence is still grammatically correct, but the literal translation into English has become a little weird, to say the least. Not so good for Juan. Key Takeaways A subject-verb-object word order is usual in both Spanish and English simple statements, but Spanish speakers are more likely to modify the word order as a way of changing emphasis. But while English allows variation primarily for questions and poetic effect, in Spanish ordinary statements can start with the subject, the verb or the object. Once you have the hang of it, it will come very naturally, and so it is a good idea to start looking into it as soon as possible so that it does not hold you back as you try to learn more about the language and how to use it in general. Learning the Basics of Spanish Sentence Structure Sentence structure can sometimes be daunting for a native speaker of a language, let alone for students. Michael is utterly confused. Yo leo libros It is me who reads books, not you, not him.
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