How to write a reflection on a book

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If it happens, you have to meet his or her requirements. First of all, try to gather your thoughts together in one-two sentences; it will be the key point of your writing.

Your Conclusion should be striking and solid giving the ultimate tone to the entire paper. Although Scout manages to prevent him from being lynched while Atticus manages to show that he was innocent, Tom is nonetheless convicted of the crime and then shot while attempting to escape.

How to write a reflection paper on an article

It is not your article about the plot. The writer should not try to push your entire experience into one essay. It should have clear reflective format and form in every little aspect. One should have some good writing and critical thinking skills. Your introduction paragraph should give some hints for your reader about the conclusion. Do not consider it as typical writing about your feelings and thoughts. From there, jot down ideas and thoughts that relate to this theme. Think of the main themes. Types of Reflection Papers The type of reflection paper you are tasked to write largely dictates the actual writing process. In this situation it is better to emphasis on the actions and their It might be interesting for you. Polished No one canceled any quality standards. Pay attention to this point before you start writing. This will be the best way to improve skills and get the proper direction to express your feelings. Write the Conclusion This is like another type of introduction. But the experience should be specific and fit the topic.

For example, you can note some visual and auditory associations, write out quotes from books or articles that impressed you the most. Think of the main themes. It may be called a self-reflection essay.

How to write a reflection paragraph

Proofreading — Not only should you proofread for spelling and grammatical errors, but you should focus on organization as well. In such an essay, you should express your own thoughts and mind about some certain ideas, things, facts, events. However, the conclusion of the narrative makes it clear that while Boo is a little strange from the perspective of most characters, he is not a bad man and his motivations are not incomprehensible. You should remember that reflective essay is for your personal opinion and own experience. After all, while Boo seems scary to the town children, his reclusive nature makes him harmless. Get some facts and other general materials. It is not your article about the plot. Do not consider it as typical writing about your feelings and thoughts.

You can even quote some parts of the interview for better expression of your own ideas and thoughts. Furthermore, she is the one who is living through a coming-of-age story, albeit she is far from being the sole character to change as the narrative unfolds. The author can mention something that improved his experience.

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The result of your brainstorming is a rough outline that you can use to guide your writing. Pay attention to this point before you start writing. In contrast, Atticus is willing to take on a case that will pit him against all of the racial prejudice that dominates the town, which will not hesitate to lash out at him as well should he get in its way.

It is just not enough. The writer should not forget that it is required to use not just your personal experience.

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Reflective Essay Example on the Novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird'