How to write an article for publication in a school magazine

Step 2: Write an introduction that the reader can relate to, use the feelings from step 1.

article for publication in school magazine

If you are looking for a great topic to write about, ask yourself what interests you. Those students addicted to computer games always spend less time to study.

magazine essay examples

Then write about it. Remember, however, that if you are writing a reported article, in most cases you must write in an unslanted manner; this means without an opinion. This could also be comprised of several paragraphs if you choose to use an anecdote or a few bulleted items or to talk about a trend occurring.

write an article for publication in your school

You need not spend the entire evening in the bathroom. Understand it. You will have to start in the informal register and end with it.

Include the following phrases, it is a fact, some people argue that, or one of the main arguments.

School magazine articles written by students

As a result, most of the students face the problem of obesity. Publishers in general do not like articles that contain too many information that are not really useful or beneficial to their clients. Here you place all your supporting material, such as statistics, quotes you obtained from interviews, additional anecdotes, your analysis, etc. Try to add humour. There are many bad affects about playing computer games on students. If the topic is of a serious nature, it also marks the beginning of the formal language. All of us must realise that modern technologies are invented to reduce our work load and we should always be in control of it all the time and never allow it to control us. An article consists, first, of a lead, or a first paragraph that entices the reader into your article.

Learn about it. Also use, one of many, as this makes the reader feel that they are not alone.

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6 Important Tips for Magazine Article Writing