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Niko My most memorable concert experience would have to be the first time I saw Getter. And there is a selection by Ignaz Pleyel, believed to be her favorite composer.

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At one point we were on our way to the restroom, and he grabbed me and said, "wait a second" started headbanging in front of the water station to "Blood". And what makes it memorable and depressing at the same time for me is, well, I got my phone stolen and some drunk dude puked on my kicks. Most important, the atmosphere was electric.

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I recommend any fan of music to see them for their new Woman live tour! They were one of the acts that got me into dance music and it was my first time seeing them. The Borowskys graced stages at the Instituto Superior de Arte and Havana Cathedral as well as in schools and community centers.

My inner goddess was doing back flips and dancing with pom- poms in her hand. It was refreshing to remove the all the barriers between the audience and the music, ultimately creating a very intimate, sound-focused atmosphere. The exquisite melody faded but continued to play in the background.

We stood panting right before the youngsters whom we had noticed from our hotel window, it felt like a great victory to stand before then although soon we were on our knees tired after the run we had made.

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In and , the Borowskys were personally invited by eminent pianist Brian Ganz to perform special chamber music concerts. In the Mayor of Baltimore released an official citation congratulation the family for representing the city in the U. All in all, the crowd was vibing, the music was thumping and it was an unforgettable experience. There you have it! Everyone loves a good concert, but we all have that one show that really changed us. International press has given them rave reviews. And surprisingly — to us, at least — we had a great crowd. Simrat As I told earlier, Electronic music came late in India and when the scene started booming here all the big names started coming! Although, my voice not so soothing and heavenly like theirs I closed my eyes and sang along. I think I passed out for a minute or two but quickly re-collecting myself I asked him how?

She and her husband got engaged on the grounds of the estate that represented Mr. The whole waiting was done with and the very next moment they were on stage The Mumford, leaving trails of goose bumps along my skin despite the heat.

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Imaginative Experience in a Music Concert Essay Example