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Certainly, while specific legal issues remain unresolved in US courts it can be necessary for government lawyers to tread lightly on such issues before the Commission. However, the regional system as it exists nowadays was not created until the entry into force of the American Convention on Human Rights in Was it indicative of a new administration finding its feet, or a harbinger of things to come?

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II , establishing the basis for regional protection, and therefore affirming the essential element of prevention of the four crimes considered by RTOP. Chile, Case However, this case had very tentative results in many legal questions and reparations, which were not followed by the Court in its subsequent practice. Since its creation in , the OAS has adopted multiple treaties that recognize implicitly or explicitly the power of the Commission and the Court to issue protective measures to adequately protect the basic rights recognized in their provisions. The introduction of antiterrorism legislation resulted in many complaints to the IACHR because certain provisions of the legislation violated human rights, such as the right to not be subjected to inhumane treatment or infringements upon personal liberty or freedom of expression. Judgment of January 21, Even though, up to the end of , in only eight out of sixty eight cases the States have fully complied with the judgment as a whole, it also has to be noticed that in sixty five of them the States have actually modify their conduct, taking steps in order to comply with the Court's decisions.

Nevertheless, we have to take into account that IACHR reports have increased concern within the regional system regarding some situations and have been an important element in regional reactions, for example in the Peruvian case in The working languages shall be those agreed upon by the Court each year.

Judgment of August 18, Judgment of January 29, Nor did the US begin complying with all Commission decisions. It is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. This responsibility had several dimensions. The IACHR also strongly encouraged the State to investigate the facts leading to violence against children and human rights defenders, to refrain from harassment of human rights defenders and violence against journalists and labor union members, teachers and participants in electoral politics.

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