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In drug addictionthe addict becomes deadened to the stimulant effect and requires stronger and stronger doses of the drug to regain the original experience.

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It is worth noting that although the historical record is lacking, Rossetti apparently began working at Highgate Penitentiary for fallen women shortly after composing Goblin Market in the spring of Earthly love, embodied by Laura, is portrayed as selfish.

However, the idea that something can be both a poison and therapeutic would not have been strange to Rossetti. Motivated by a selfless divine love for her sister, Lizzie sacrifices herself by exposing herself to the goblins' temptations and their ensuing attack.

It was assumed that inspecting men was an unacceptable intrusion into privacy, whereas the women were so far degraded that further humiliation was of no consequence.

Lizzie, who still hears the sales-pitch, sets out with a penny to buy fruit to cure her sister. Imagery of night and day, or darkness and light, is used to symbolically illustrate the events of the poem. Although Rossetti reportedly denied that "Goblin Market" had any deeper meanings, it seems clear that, whatever her conscious intention, deeper meanings are indeed present.

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She courageously refuses to give in to temptation and withstands the goblins' attack, maintaining her maidenly chastity and virtue. Despite Rossetti's assertions that she meant nothing profound by the tale, its rich, complex, and suggestive language has caused the poem to be practically ignored as children's literature and instead regarded variously as an erotic exploration of sexual fantasy, a commentary on capitalism and Victorian market economy, a feminist glorification of "sisterhood," and a Christian allegory about temptation and redemption, among other readings.

Furthermore, it was traditionally believed that silver offered protection against the mischief of fairies. Months pass, and Lizzie realizes that Laura is wasting to death. It is remarkable for saying not more than is needed on a text which tempts many sermonizers to be prolix … There is a subdued and grave simplicity about … [the poem] which very clearly marks Miss Rossetti's power of accommodating her style to the subject.

He's now remembered as both a painter and poet.

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Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market: A Critical Introduction