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The renovation work will also provide the tower with its first toilet.

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Although the tower is not open to the general public, UK residents can arrange a visit by writing to their MP.

The main bell weighs During this time BBC Radio 4 broadcast the pips instead. During this time, dials, hands, and lights will be removed for restoration, with at least one dial—with hands driven by an electric motor—left intact, functioning, and visible at any given time.

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The minute hands are 4. But that's not quite accurate. When they resume, assuming the long-standing system still operates, you'll need to contact your MP's office to sort it out for you. Architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed a new five-floor block. Warners of Norton near Stockton-on-Tees cast a bell for the tower in August During this period, BBC Radio 4 broadcast recordings of British bird song followed by the pips in place of the usual chimes. Many people mistook this for a genuine news story and were widely ridiculed on social media.

It is the bell within that is named Big Ben. An hour hand is 9.

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Admittedly, it gets old pretty quickly — once you've seen 12 bongs, you've seen them all — yet the account still has an impressive , followers, despite following no-one. That bell was sent to Whitechapel Bell Foundry in pieces and melted down to create the new The decision to silence the bells was made to protect the hearing of the workers working on the tower, and drew much criticism from senior MP's and Prime Minister Theresa May. Small electric heaters were placed just inside these two dials which faced the full fury of the winter's blast, and this measure has helped to reduce instances of freezing in recent years. There are several theories as to who the eponymous sizeable Benjamin could have been, but none were documented well enough to be proven right. The clock also stopped for 21 hours in , when a worker who was carrying out repairs after a bombing raid dropped his hammer among the inner workings of the clock, forcing the clock to stop until the hammer was retrieved. The original colours have now been restored Credit: eddie mulholland 2. Play media Winding the clock mechanism On top of the pendulum is a small stack of old penny coins ; these are to adjust the time of the clock. Two floors are occupied by the current chamber, which was used for the first time on 26 October The clockwork mechanism in a room below weighs five tons. For several months, the bell was tested outside the tower. The second theory is that it was named after a heavyweight boxing champion at that time, Benjamin Caunt. The Clock The clock was the largest in the world and is still the largest in Great-Britain.

The original colours have now been restored Credit: eddie mulholland 2.

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