On the road jack kerouac essay questions

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The musician has "it" because he is living completely in the moment. What the Beats understood and identified with in jazz, was protest against the white middle-class world.

On the road jack kerouac essay questions

The nightmarish visions of William Burroughs continue to influence post-Modern writers. But the girls can also serve as a symbol for youth itself.

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This way, you can really analyze it in detail instead of spreading yourself too thin by focusing on too much at once. Having grown up in Denver, living in skid row hotels with his alcoholic father, and serving time in a reformatory for stealing cars and joyriding, Cassady later decided to become a writer by learning how to write from Kerouac and Ginsberg. Answer: The "old" Sal of New York was primarily interested in following around characters such as Dean and Carlo Marx in order to "burn" with them in their madness and to catch some of that himself. On the Road is the story of two young men, Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty, who travel frantically back and forth across the American continent seeking thrills. Click To Tweet There are many ways to be an active reader —you just have to find the method or methods that work best for you. Writing an analytical essay helps you look at the book from a new angle—and show your instructor you know the material. As his Buddhist study intensified, what had begun as notes evolved into an all-encompassing work of nonfiction, incorporating poems, haiku, prayers, journal entries, meditations, fragments of letters, ideas about writing, overheard conversations, sketches, blues, and more. Every episode in the novel was inspired by real-life events. The Beat literary movement was short-lived. The "new" Sal is a person who experiences life firsthand, not only through others. Unfortunately, whenever Dean shows up Sal acts like a totally different person. Annotations can be written in the margins of the book, so you easily know exactly which pages the information was found on. The novel is actually a thinly veiled account of Kerouac's own life in the late s, when he fell under the spell of a charismatic drifter named Neal Cassady represented by Moriarty in the novel. Answer: For those who see conventional middle-class life as a burden to be challenged by a bohemian lifestyle, the way Dean and Sal treat the women in their lives might seem necessary. This section contains words approx.

The second book had an even more profound cultural effect when it was published. Dean and Sal are part of the Beat culture, which rebelled against mainstream ideas about wealth and status.

Other critics saw it as a groundbreaking work of originality.

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Answer: The cultural revolution of the s reflected a time in which the more strict morals and conventions of the s and s were examined and often tossed out by younger adults. He also gains in wisdom about some of the effects of libertinism on oneself and others. Dean is also attracted to young girls, which, I admit, is pretty creepy. Answer: Kerouac's vision of individuality relies on a person's willingness to separate from the conventional lifestyle of the culture. How does Kerouac imagine the relationship between what Sal thinks of as heavenly bliss and the finality of death? They head to Mexico City, a place that could truly be a Beat haven for them, but they find they cannot live in "it" for very long after all. One major symbol is the Cadillac.

Other contemporary dystopias take a similar view consider Orwell'sa reflection of anti-totalitarianism during the Cold War. The media response was unrelenting, and he was besieged with questions about the lifestyle he had described in his novel.

But the girls can also serve as a symbol for youth itself. American readers, fascinated with the bohemian lifestyle of the characters, turned the novel into a best-seller. Yet, in the novel, Sal begins to see the toll such a lifestyle can take on one's loved ones. Back in Denver, Cassady had begun writing letters to Jack that stunned both him and his new wife, Joan, with their loose, rambling sentences and meticulously detailed observations. They destroy it. Whenever Sal and Dean have the chance to hear music, they choose jazz. There are two simple methods for color-coding your information: multi-colored sticky notes and highlighters. Unfortunately, whenever Dean shows up Sal acts like a totally different person. Arguably, the closest Dean and Sal come to finding "it" is during their trip to Mexico. Analyze one of the characters Stuck on Your Analytical Essay? Towards the end of the novel, Kerouac seems to be suggesting that separating himself from Dean and the Beat lifestyle had become necessary in order to retain his own notions of self. In the novel, Sal often wishes he could become part of another culture and race, a true separation, yet whether or not Sal would be able to remain an individual while becoming part of another group is not discussed in the book. This is the story of America. Outline Your Jack Kerouac On the Road Essay While Sal Paradise may have been able to get along on the road without any real plan, the same cannot be said of your essay. In the novel, Sal Paradise transitions back and forth between his road trips with Dean and the home of his aunt in Paterson, New Jersey.

This is also the case in the memories that Sal and Dean continually share. The novel provided a guide for much of the spirit of individual freedom from convention and power that was sought.

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Bitterness, recriminations, advice, morality, sadness—everything was behind him, and ahead of him was the ragged and ecstatic joy of pure being.

Inhe was arrested as a material witness, having failed to report a homicide committed by Lucien Carr, one of his friends at Columbia.

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On the Road Essay Questions