Petrol pump business plan in india

Yes, it is profitable if you manage it properly.

petrol pump in india

The difference between a rural and regular RO is that a rural RO can be away from highways or ideal location while a regular RO should be in the main location near the road or highway. One cannot apply for more than one RO.

Petrol pump business plan in india

With sales figures like this, every distributor in Mumbai pockets Rs 30, in commission daily. Answer: You need apply for the dealership to the respected oil companies based on the advertisement. If you can survive that then you should definitely go for it. Firstly the dealer can find a land in the middle of the city for urban retail outlets or they can have a piece of land in rural areas for rural retail outlets. Location matters a lot! You will be asked to pay a fee of Rs. Vehicle owners buy almost eight thousand litres of petrol alone every day, assuming that equal number of petrol and diesel vehicles purchase fuel from the fuel stations. The application fee must be paid via demand draft. Login again by entering your email id and password after successfully creating your account. The revenue from the business is significantly high. Now you will be able to see which place the company wants to open the petrol pump in your selected state.

For the diesel price the commission rate is Rs. The revenue from the business is significantly high.

After that fill your personal information carefully, upload your photo and signature and click on submit button.

Petrol bunk business plan in tamil

Because petrol pump companies have set a target to open petrol pumps by the end of That is why; you need to first acquire a proper license to open a pump. However the cost of business is high too. Your profit will depend upon the amount of petrol diesel or gas sold annually and your profit margin would also vary. Conclusion While opening a pump, you must also sign several documents that will provide with the knowledge of the emission standards of all fuel. The biggest risk associated with petrol pump is to have explosion or fire. He has to spend nearly Rs. Story Dealers cashing three times commission on petrol, four times on diesel than 13 years ago Take a look at how and how much petroleum products dealers in India earn from selling petrol, diesel and LPG. The petrol companies issue advertisements on various land location and if your land falls into that zone you can apply for the ownership. Yes, it is profitable if you manage it properly.

Only cash credit is available if all the criteria are fulfilled. Land Requirement — The land is an important criterion for selecting petrol pump dealers.

Petrol pump plan

We are talking around 80, LPG cylinders every day being purchased in the economic capital of India. Business basics All types of business requires not only sufficient knowledge but also money. Bigger money purse As of April, , petrol pump owners earn Rs Dealers can follow the offline process to apply. This translates to Rs 18, in commission that every dealership earns on a daily basis. So if you have at least Rs 60 lakh to 1. Another risk can be considered related to car wash and cleaning process. After deducting the tax, the net profit shows Rs. The revenue from the business is significantly high.
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Procedure To Open A Petrol Pump in India