Precis writing in english with examples

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It is a wonderful essay about teaching a true meaning of Hamlet to one of the West African tribes. State the purpose of the research or piece of writing why was it important to conduct this research or write on this topic? Now we can move to the part with precis examples. Mountains are sacred spaces, and building on them was long prohibited, except for shrines or temples. The responsibility of shaping the character of children rests on him. Follow the right diction and you will be able to write a good precis. It will give an overall picture of the purpose to your reader and a better understanding of the text. I'm interested in the way different cultures respond to landscape, and in the fundamental question of what a garden is. You may also have a look at examples of precis to get the main idea for this assignment. Precis writing develops critical thinking, ability to summarize. Our article will give you answers to these questions. Read more about introduction here.

Remember: don't give your personal opinions on the analyzed work because you are not writing a critical book review or analytical essay. Main Points: cause of malaria how the disease spreads by breeding of mosquitoes what can be done to prevent it Prevention of Malaria Mosquitoes, which are the vectors of Malaria, breed in stagnant water.

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In , Peru struck, 50, killed. A precis is a text summary which has to reflect the key points of the original text of the author, its tone, mood. Of course, when your task is to write a precis of such an interesting article, you want to add many details. Besides he remains ever young in the constant company of the young and forgets his own domestic worries. Such vocational considerations, though important, are not in my view the most telling, however. Take notes Whether you are reading the text for the first time or re-reading it, write the key ideas down to analyze and reorganize them later. Mitra, Barun K. Only he who himself leads a life of purity, simplicity and rigid discipline can successfully cultivate these habits in his students.

Apart from his professional duties, at which he is assiduous, he spends much time in good works: he may encourage patriotism and military training; he may promote industry, sobriety and virtue among wage earners and their children by seeing to it that failures in these respects receive due punishment; he may be a trustee of a university and prevent an ill-judged respect for learning from allowing the employment of professors with subversive ideas.

There are moments when worries weigh heavily on his mind.

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As the number of words in the rough draft is more than required we shall have to reduce it further without reducing the ideas. Is discipline necessary at all?

Precis writing in english with examples

But it is likely that this was one of the most powerful quakes ever to have hit the world. A quake strikes plains, seas and mountains causing all round destruction. Let's underline the main points of these small paragraphs: City view observation; The purpose of visiting Kyoto; Shinto's worldview.

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The one thing that you need to convey clearly is the main idea of the paragraph.

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Precis writing examples