Problems with super pacs

Second, adopting proper rules to separate super PACs and candidates does not limit spending — challengers could still get millions of dollars of support through truly independent groups. Advertising seems to yield benefits only when there are large imbalances among candidates.

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In fact, nearly half of all super PAC money comes from just 50 donors, according to a Washington Post analysis. Sound independent?

What are pacs and super pacs

To the first charge—that the ultra-wealthy have tightened their dominance over political donating—America must plead guilty. When super PACs are as close to candidates as they've been so far this election cycle, the Supreme Court's reasoning in Citizens United that "independent" spending can't corrupt doesn't even apply: giving money to a candidate's favored super PAC is essentially the same as giving it straight to the candidate, and all of the concerns we have about the corrupting influence of giving huge checks directly to candidates apply as well. In fact, nearly half of all super PAC money comes from just 50 donors, according to a Washington Post analysis. To do so legally, a Super PAC must avoid certain forms of coordination with candidates. The fear that U. How do they work? Corporations now have a way to influence elections anonymously, thus avoiding the risk of alienating customers who may object to their choice of candidates. Perhaps the best way to conceptualize political advertisements, then, is as an arms race. Jeb Bush's failed bid for the Republican presidential nomination in The claim that these presidential super PACs are operating "independently" from the presidential candidates, as is required by law, is absurd and has no credibility. In the presidential election, an even more insidious version of the super PAC was born -- the candidate-specific super PAC. The legislation would treat these super PACs legally as arms of the candidate's campaign and subject to the contribution limits that apply to the candidate. They can raise as much money from corporations, unions, and associations as they please and spend unlimited amounts on advocating for the election or defeat of the candidates of their choice. Richard L.

But negative ads may just cause voters to shift to any number of competing candidates, diluting their benefits, while positive ads tend to increase the vote share of the target candidate.

Well what of the six- and seven-figure donors to Super PACs supporting federal candidates? But these large sums are well within the means of the modern super PAC, the most prominent of which can expect to raise several million dollars in a week.

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The real problem is how the process is being run. One couple!

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The Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case that unleashed this is built entirely on a fiction: that "independent" expenditures by corporations cannot have a corrupting influence on federal officeholders.

Meanwhile, citizens are pushed to the sidelines to watch the corruption of our democracy.

Why are super pacs good

New laws need to prevent candidates from fundraising for super PACs or appearing at their events, and should prevent a candidate's staffers from working for a super PAC during the same election cycle they've worked for a candidate. This legislation is essential to inform citizens about who is providing the money to influence their votes. Of course, among a field of a dozen or so competitors, almost all of whom have major super PAC backing, only one can emerge a winner. The second is the matter of adequate selection. Last week, President Barack Obama reversed course and agreed to send Cabinet members, White House staff and campaign officials to speak at and participate in fundraising events for Priorities USA Action , the allegedly "independent" super PAC supporting Obama's re-election. Thanks to holes in our disclosure laws, which neither Congress nor the Republican commissioners on the Federal Election Commission have seen fit to fix, we don't know who is funding many of the Super PACs. They are expected to play an even greater role in the fall, when control of the White House, Senate and U.
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The Role of Super PACs in US Politics