Psychology walk through quiz

Think of an open field. There are two roads to get there. Suddenly, everything becomes white.

Personality test imagine yourself in a white room

On the way you see 2 rose bushes. What kind of body of water is it? However, some do not and merely accept this situation of no change. You're walking deeper into the woods yet, and you come to a clearing. Question 7: The size of the bear is in direct relation to how big you perceive your problems to be. Water Water is symbolic of sex. The question gave you the chance to see a problem. Is it fenced in or not? This question gave you the opportunity to reward yourself. Read the following scenario and questions, try and visualise yourself actually in the scenes and write down, or remember, the first thing that comes into your mind as you read the questions. Question Do you open the door for this man? What you do with it is representative of your attitude toward that person. You enter and see a table. How wet do you get? As you walk to the end of the garden, you find yourself at a body of water.

If you saw people close enough to talk to then this suggests you want contact with other people most of the time. You decide to leave the roses.

The love path test

As you continue on in your walk through the forest, you come across an animal. If you saw shallow water then you are able to reach fulfillment from deep and intense lovemaking. The size of your home is representative of the size of your ambitions. Even if they're only a little accurate. You are seen as either active or passive toward your problems. How durable the cup you found was is representative of how strong your relationship is with the person that you were walking with. The practitioner looks at the many aspects of our social context and how they impact the client. This question gave you the opportunity to reward yourself. If you are anything like me, you probably are as well. Describe what's on the table.

The Beach The beach is symbolic of how you relate to people around you. Since then, a number of personality tests have been developed and optimized for different purposes. Where in the field is it? Which one do you take to get your significant other's house, short or long?

Walk through the forest psychology test

The condition of the field dry, grassy, or well-trimmed is what your personality looks like at first glance. If the bear is friendly, you may feel like you are in control of your problems, and usually come out the victor. The Oasis Test Giphy This test is less a cohesive journey and more a series of questions that all tend to relate back to the concept of an oasis — a place of true rest, of beauty, of relaxation and contentment. Question 8: Describe the urn. You must cross this water in order to get home. If there was a fence, then you tend to exclude others. The Field The field represents your mind. It's comforting, when you're drowning in self-doubt, to be told facts about your own being. You finish looking around the house and leave out the back door.

Is it just passing through? It may represent your parents, grandparents or the connection you feel to the generations that came before you. Big or small? In the centre of garden, in the grass, you see a cup. If you decide not to open the door, it means your past experience with other people has taught you caution, and you are not quick to expose yourself to the danger of strangers, nor do you trust them.

psychology walkthrough test

If not very wet, it may mean it's less important.

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A Walk in The Woods Quiz