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My 3 year old daughter loves this as well.

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I had concerns that my third grader - then a first grader, had some dyslexia issues. Klibanoff, R. Now instead of complaining, my son looks forward to reading with me. She loves to play it. We didn't use it for first grade, but than he kept begging me to get it again so we got it for second grade too. Taking into consideration the needs, learning styles, and future direction of learners in the 21st century, Mathseeds combines a highly motivational play-based online context with structured, sequential mathematical lessons. Lesson progression is mapped in a fun and unique way. Thank God for this and Leapfrog's Letter Factory. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations: Classic definitions and new directions. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds has been a blessing to my family! It is repetitive, each lesson is the same setup with different content, I don't love this, but my daughter is a creature of habit and it doesn't seem to bore her. I would recommend this to any other families who are looking for a supplement to their current reading program or just a fun way to engage their child in reading and learning. Mathseeds is an innovative interactive teaching and learning resource designed by educators to connect students to the key concepts of number sense. She can find her way around the program easily but I am finding new things every week. They loved earning coins to purchase items for their houses and enjoyed the surprise character they received after each lesson.

Camberwell: ACER. Individual interest and its implications for understanding intrinsic motivation. Both the movies and activities have been purposely designed to encourage active learning rather than what Roschelle and his colleagues referred to as the "passive role of receiving information"p.

Teachers receive detailed feedback on all attempts and this gives them valuable information about their students' mathematical reasoning.

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Coley, R. Early number concepts are taught in a very visual and kinesthetic way and encourage students to see numbers as wholes. Mathseeds combines each of these into an engaging environment for young children. For students working through the program, the Mathseeds lessons and activities are all set in a nonthreatening environment that supports risk taking and rewards perseverance.

This is our son's favorite part of his homeschool day.

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Home-schooling has never been easier to teach reading skills! I have a six-year-old and Four and a half year-old working on the program.

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