Reasons for the widespread appeal of christianity

Monks and nuns were once expected to bring a dowry with them when they were admitted to their religious orders. The brotherhood of man depended not only on the Fatherhood of God but also on the Fatherhood of the Clergy. So far we have seen that belief is related not only to paternalism, fear, and upbringing, but also to social conformity, and for some at least, the need for a substitute "family".

what factors influenced the development of christianity?

Perhaps as a result of his insights, the Western Churches have been playing down paternal aspects of Christianity. Actually the tendency to become superstitious seems to be related not so much to danger as to nervousness. Huge numbers of people became religious in times of pestilence and in the aftermath of natural disasters.

why is christianity widespread

Kreeft calls for a return to the worship of God, and not man. Arguably one of the biggest goals of a person in power is to remain in power. He knows all that we know, and much, much more. As new lands were discovered and established, this notion of Christianity spread rapidly with it.

This contribution will be assessed using the common characteristics of beliefs, sacred text and writings and ethics. We often believe things not because they are true but because we should like them to be true.

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Why Did Christianity Succeed?