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In present times, the trend is to have an open and a closed sitting area so as that customer can enjoy both kind of ambiance based on their preferred choice.

You can further hire an interior designer for giving a complete look and feel of the restro-bar. Evenings in The Edition are noisy and crowded, with a likely friendly fight for the last piece of pizza.

So, it is advised to have more soft cushy seats, sofas, loungers and comfortable chairs for dining of the guests.

Apart from the kitchen equipment, one should also have good crockery as customers pay attention to each and every detail. When the first guests arrive, morning itself becomes a small Italian celebration with fragrant fresh espresso and hot focaccias straight out of the oven.

Apart from that, a good POS is a dire necessity as the inventory for the bar cum restaurant is pretty huge and can be difficult to manage. Meanwhile in the kitchen Cheese pancakes with Nutella are made, along with Tartufata omelette and Eggs Florentine.

After lunch the best decision would be to relax and not go anywhere at all — order a glass of aperitivo and just let yourself be. Think of your POS as not just billing software, but as an investment that can help you manage your restaurant better, and also help cut down costs in several areas.

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The cost of the total kitchen set up also depends upon the cuisine one wants to serve. Study Kitchen equipment and good quality raw material help achieve the smooth functioning of the backend.

Also, the raw material at the time of installation may cost between Rs 1. Integrated inventory management, CRM, in-depth reporting, and analytics are some of the must-have features in your POS for the restaurant.

Neighborhood Bar Franchise bar Once you have decided on the format, you can now consider the other requirements for opening a restro-bar.

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A Step by Step Guide on How to Open a Restaurant and Bar