The end of the time portrayed in various religions of the world

And many people say they are not comfortable with the idea of their children marrying a spouse from outside their religion. Does he religion support a belief in souls or spirits which survive the death of the body?

With about million followers, scholars consider Buddhism one of the major world religions. African traditional religions tend to personify evil.

Jewish people have strict dietary laws that originate in the Torah, called Kosher laws. In some myths Devi is the prime mover, who commands the male gods to do the work of creation and destruction.

Amongst other things, Mbiti claims that 'there are mountains, rivers and trees; those who have died as babies continue to grow; God is the Originator and Sustainer of all things', and this includes the living dead and the spirits.

The second way, which is prescribed in the Upanishads, is represented not only in the cults of renunciation sannyasa but also in the ideological ideals of most Hindus.

Sizable percentages of both Christians and Muslims — a quarter or more in many countries — say they believe in the protective power of juju charms or amulets.


There are specific parts of the animal that symbolise something. Instead, Brand proposes an approach that concentrates on the victim of sin.

End times

This diverse and multifaceted nature of religion leads Braun to suggest that 'religion' can only be utilised as concept. Although Religious Studies emphasises the human participation in the encounter with the transcendental and Theology focuses on the transcendental, both are concerned with the transcendental or metaphysical. This allows sociologists to examine the different types of relationships religious organization has with the dominant religions in their societies and with society itself. Conditions however have changed. The human context plays a significant role when doing biblical studies, so sin is not viewed in terms of the Africans standing in a relation to God; the focus is rather the wrongs that were perpetuated by colonisers and oppressors upon Africans. There are also some who view community as events that join people together, not social groups. Because sects are relatively small, they usually lack the bureaucracy of denominations and ecclesiae, and often also lack clergy who have received official training. Followers of Judaism live in accordance to the ten commandments revealed to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. This approach brought questions about the relationship between the African God and the Christian God.

By comparison with people in many other regions of the world, sub-Saharan Africans are much more optimistic that their lives will change for the better. In this way both disciplines contribute to understanding.

signs of the end times

From this it is indeed difficult to determine what is the true object of Religious Studies and by what method this object ought to be studied?

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Religions on the End of the World