The english language and its impact

Information relayed through interpreters is sometimes suspect in the business of diplomacy where participants are so sensitive to choice of words.

Uses of english language

The program offers a series of presentations and social activities to help overseas students settle in to the university, learn about U. Rather than promote indigenous languages, most governments are of the view that the fewer the languages, the closer the country moves towards national integration and the easier the task of governance. These territories tend to have distinctive grammatical features that are peculiar to the sub-variety of the standard. Sometimes the Internet creates new verbs out of nouns. The spread of English has been aided by the prosperity of the economies of the United States and the United Kingdom. You won't be disappointed. For a closer analysis we choose to draw our examples principally from the African language situation given the multiplicity of indigenous languages in contention and the diversity of forces in operation. So knowing English will allow you access to an incredible amount of information which may not be otherwise available.

Globalization is generally turning our world into one massive community. Like English, it has varieties that reflect the structures, syntax and pronunciations of the amalgam of languages from which it has drawn is vocabulary. A good number of these countries are constituted of ethnic groups.

english as a global language

Now someone can be called a troll when they behave obnoxiously in real life. The thrust of the paper is that there is value in knowing and being educated in one more language. The defeat of Germany in the Second World War witnessed the dismemberment of her colonies.

For example, Dalhousie hosts week courses, intensive summer courses, and an Academic Connections Programcombining intensive study over the summer with a nine-week course from September to December. The impact of these decisions wide and varied.

Negative effects of english language

A good number among the young people consider their languages as uneducated, primitive and non-prestigious. Potential learners of the Russian language find it difficult to separate the recent social, economic and political failures of the amalgam of nations that employ the language as a communication tool from the language itself. The university offers both beginner and advanced English courses, and on completion of the advanced course, students can transition to their degree program of choice. Conclusion Economic rationalism is currently sweeping through the world. The Emergence of English as a Global Language In following paragraphs, we set out to examine the factors that have favoured the emergence of English as the choice code for supranational transactions. The effective implementation of supranational decisions requires a shared language. So knowing English will allow you access to an incredible amount of information which may not be otherwise available. However, it is the Internet that has had the largest effect on the English language, changing it completely in less than two decades. During the Tsunami disaster, the American cable network, CNN found it necessary to subtitle responses from disaster victims despite the fact that the two interlocutors employed English.

It is therefore the default language of the computer.

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The impact of the English Language in an interconnected world