The league of nations had its greatest successes in the work of the special commission essay

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It may be said that this pact, rather like the resolution of the first Hague Conference which condemned armaments, is nothing more than a declaration, an endorsement of a principle. The League established these institutions within its first three years in fulfillment of Article 23 of the Covenant.

Russia was eventually expelled from the League after its attack on Finland in Italy was one of the four permanent members of the Council and so the League trod carefully. The sanctions were thus incomplete: they caused some shortages in Italy but failed to halt the Italian war effort.

The league of nations had its greatest successes in the work of the special commission essay

Certain German proposals which failed to secure general acceptance are so patently reasonable that there is no need to waste words on them. In alone, 17 new states joined the UN, 16 of them from Africa. How far the League was responsible for the relative peace in international affairs in the s. However the league was very unsuccessful in resolving a conflict between Poland and Lithuania regarding the city of Vilna. And even then, although it was a great danger to internal peace, to the constitution, to the Republic, it was not a danger to other countries, particularly not to France. A border conflict between Greece and Bulgaria in led also to successful Council intervention. Quidde had given his Nobel lecture, and the longer discussion of the Disarmament Conference at the end of the essay. This clearly made nonsense of the idea of collective security. It is not necessary to review its shortcomings for the benefit of us pacifists. Mandates Commission The Commission supervised League of Nations Mandates , and also organised plebiscites in disputed territories so that residents could decide which country they would join, most notably the plebiscite in Saarland in As a result of the settled, improved conditions in Europe, British and French troops left the areas they had occupied in Germany since The Ninth Assembly adopted the General Act for pacific settlement of international disputes and three model bilateral conventions dealing with pacific settlement, nonaggression, and mutual assistance in September, The famous Rescript of the Czar in 4 did not speak of organized international law, only of the necessity to restrict armaments. In addition, it had to defend the peace settlement which was far from perfect. See Thomas J.

It was the criticism from the pacifists and from the Interparliamentary Union 5 which brought about the inclusion of peaceful settlement of disputes on the agenda of the first Hague Conference 6.

This meant that countries like Britain and France did not want to gather together an army for the League to use, as they were too interested and busy with their own affairs - such as keeping control of their extensive colonial lands, especially after the turmoil of World War I.

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Member-nations became more concerned with solving their own economic problems than with preserving peace. I can say that this secret arming, like everything not in accordance with the obligations accepted, is utterly deplorable and is a manifestation of intentions absolutely irreconcilable with the official policy supported by the great majority of the people and the Reichstag.

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The League of Nations condemned Italy's aggression and imposed economic sanctions in Novemberbut the sanctions were largely ineffective.

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