The theme of war and its impact in erich maria remarques all quiet on the western front

Germans capture some French positions, take a short rest and consume food supplies.

all quiet on the western front literary devices

Scripts labelled 'Dialog Cutting Continuity' are the most desirable, since they are taken from the final print itself, Isenberg, Going home, Paul hears the head-master spew empty patriotic rhetoric and argue that he knows better than Paul what is happening in the war.

The design is based upon a German war bonds poster by Fritz Erler.

all quiet on the western front themes and quotes

An outside observer can think that they are tough-skinned and indifferent to all happening around, but they feel everything and forget nothing. The camera then cuts to scenes from other places where his mind wanders.

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Paul undergoes surgery and is sent back to the front lines. As time goes by, however, the pictures of camaraderie relieve the terrible descriptions of front line assaults and death, and they provide a bright light in a place of such terrible darkness.

This works and rats retreat somewhere.

The theme of war and its impact in erich maria remarques all quiet on the western front

Kantoreck was their schoolmaster and he was the main reason of their present occupation. When a letter comes from Kantorek, his calling them "young heroes" is taken with derision Remarque Even at the end when Paul knows there is so little time until the armistice, he reflects on the beauty of life and hopes that he can stay alive until the laws of nature once again prevail and the actions of men bring peace. Soon the nightmarish cries of horses join them. Remarque says that this novel "will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war. Comradeship Throughout all the horrifying pictures of death and inhumanity, Remarque does scatter a redeeming quality: comradeship. One another shot tears away his chin and kills Leer.

He is helped by his comrades to regain self-control and manages to repeat their motto "war is war" Remarque

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Remarque publishes All Quiet on the Western Front