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S accounts for one-third whereas nursing homes and assisted living cost three-thirds of the total cost of care.

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In the U. It is the oldest form of care, but advancements in the nursing field have led to the emergence of nursing homes and assisted livings which have gained unprecedented popularity in the U. A qualitative study of residents and relatives views on advance care planning, end-of-life care, and decision-making in nursing homes. The majority reported good nutritional competence. In addition, the type of staff, environment and lifestyle are always the same in nursing homes and assisted facilities compared to the diverse social environment experienced at home care set-up. In contrast, the element of continuity is entirely absent in nursing homes and assisted living facilities because patients stay in these facilities for a limited duration. Therefore, the rehabilitation of elderly persons in their own homes enables them to reduce treatment trauma and realize efficient recovery from their unhealthy status. It is worth noting that, assisted living facilities are not included in the national health programs which are extended to the elderly for addressing their medical challenges. A number of ethical challenges are connected to living and dying in nursing homes. The questionnaire included 49 items regarding practice of documentation, self-reported nutritional competence, and knowledge about anthropometric measures and body mass index. Moreover, home health care does not involve increased risks of infections.

In addition, familiarity of key documents and guidelines about nutrition were assessed. Results: From the perspective of residents and relatives, ethical challenges in nursing homes are mostly connected to everyday ethical issues. Ethics meetings can help to reach consensus in over three-quarters of cases.

Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences S population. Many staff members describe ethical challenges as a burden and appreciate systematic ethics work. The research focuses on the views of residents, relatives and staff on these topics. In practice, family bonds serve a fundamental role in maintaining emotional, mental and physical fitness in patients and elderly persons.

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In addition, senior adults are not subjected to rules and regulations in their homes unlike the case in nursing homes where rules and regulations govern their daily living.

Home Health Care vs.

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