Thesis on peace and conflict resolution

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I identify two main competing discourses active in this field, a Liberal Individualist Discourse, and a Social Collectivist Discourse. The European long presence in the African continent was challenged by China, the new actor on the international scene.

The programme is built on the core belief that trust is the glue that holds relationships together.

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A program director is responsible for the overall management of the program. The idea of integration has been analyzed along three dimensions; social, political and People with different nationalities, religions, languages, ethnicities, cultures and political opinions are gathered in a limited area, waiting for their future to be determined by Norwegian authorities.

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I explore the way these two discourses construct the three areas in focus and argue that the Liberal Individualist Discourse has led This thesis considers victim services as the frontline in encountering all forms of latent and overt violence—direct, structural and cultural.

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Peace and Conflict Transformation