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Even though the three characters Sally, Elenita, and Marin have good and bad influences in Esperanza's childhood, they all teach her to be independent and become a better person, because of her experiences with them. Esperanza in this case works towards empowering the women as a means for eradicating gender inequality.

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In the case, he personifies the windows and the door to enhance the importance that she had attached into a good house in which she could later identify as a home. Certain factors are involved when discussing what types of women are more likely to encounter difficulties throughout their life. Her book was considered a defining piece of literature for Chicana writers The description of the differences that existed between the girls and the boys bring out gender inequality in the narration. The difference is that girls chromosomes are 46XX and boys are 46XY. This is because the conflicts expressed in the story result from the misunderstanding exhibited by Esperanza where her life is concerned. It is not only her name that Esperanza wishes to change but the direction of her life as well. In The House on Mango Street, the experiences young Esperanza faced day to day develop her true individuality. The narrator in the novel however looks for ways of changing this norm but she is faced with many obstacles on her way. Chicago is a state that is plagued with racial segregation to date. This is significant because it speaks about how people may use their imagination as a means to reinvent themselves Since my father was young, he had always dreamed of the house he would one day reside. The main struggle that Esperanza has is with beauty. Determined, she decides that someday she will leave and move somewhere else and totally forget everything about Mango Street.

Esperanza is a young Latina growing up in Chicago, and through her stories shows the reader her environment and how in affects her. It is an indication of the different cultures that are represented in the street.

When I read this quote I could just imagine a little girl sitting up looking at the nun in her tattered clothes and saying. According to Cisneros, we all have our own home with which we identify; however, we cannot always go back to the environment we once considered our dwelling place It was one of her own.

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She has been left on her own to deal with this horrible experience that is forcing her to shed all childhood innocence. Living in conservative Alabama where racial tension is high, Scout must learn to be compassionate when her father Atticus Finch defends African-American Tom Robinson against a white woman. One good example of such a woman is Sandra Cisneros who in her book The House on Mango Street, tried to express the issues that Mexican American women had to live with every single day Cisneros, Esperanza Cordero, the protagonist, is a young Chicana that lives in a Latino neighborhood in the city of Chicago. My thesis states that a conflict is some kind of a problem or quarrel; many people have these, no matter what age or race. I learn the value of home ownership in a similar sequence as Esperanza. In the novel The House on Mango Street, Esperanza is young girl experiencing adolescence not only longing for a place to fit in but also wanting to be beautiful Young, middle-aged, and old people are constantly forming the essentials that affect their self-awareness through their daily activities. Each chapter consists of a different aspect or event pertaining to Esparanza's life. She realizes that even though the environment and the circumstances are not ideal, she still belongs in Mango Street, in her culture and background. Where he touched me. He would say to his mother, my grandmother, when I get big, I will live in a house as big as New York The novel is acclaimed by critics and used in schools all around the world.

Her house is a wreck and the neighborhood, probably not much better off.

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