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The thesis must be examined within 21 days after the date of submission. Lombard and Meunier developed the method further for time-stepping analysis allowing resistive and inductive components in the external circuit.

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Open access journals within the fields of research at TKK can be searched for with journal search services e. Thus, the principal must also be aware of the academic nature of the work and the publicity of the completed thesis. ISBN See Leinikka The Ministry of Education recommends for researchers to publish in open access scientific journals when-ever such publications of at least equal quality to traditional non-free journals in the field in question are available.

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On the other hand, some areas of science have long had their own world-wide open archives for publications in the field in question, and they have become well established channels for exchanging scientific information e.

Kuo-Peng et al. ISSN PLoSindependent publishers e.

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