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To move where we need to be isn't an addition thing, it's multiplication. A lot of the ground is contaminated and there's not a lot of space to do a traditional farm," Mammoliti said.

A long-term goal of aquaponics would be to produce enough to not only feed themselves, but also sell extra produce to earn income.

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Aquaponics is a self-contained system to raise both fish and plants. While we know there are a lot of poor areas in the world today, we are laser focused on one group of people.

Do you accept other forms of donations stock, grants, estates, etc.

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He met pastor Jeony Ordoniez, who worked with the trash dump community. Is my donation tax deductible? We are learning as much as we can to help these people and believe God has called this ministry to help these people. But Pastor Jeony said he didn't need Americans to move in, take over and do the work. As the water moves through the fish tank into the plant tables and back to the fish tank, it's a continuous cycle. And that can only be accomplished when you provide opportunities for them to provide for themselves. With the warmer weather conditions in many of these countries, they can harvest their fish in about six months. He needed their help to gain and coordinate resources. It's just like people look through them," Collins said, who is TMP's chief operating officer.

Every day, in thousands of locations around the world, people scavenge through mountains of trash, looking for anything to earn a few pennies, to eat - to live. Can my donation be matched?

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Trash Mountain Project