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Sure, you may have good arguments for your position. Space Between lines The spacing between lines is very difficult to measure because although in most fonts the top and bottom edges vary significantly.

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Margins Changing the margins of a page is another great way to change the length of your paper. Making sure your paper starts with a bang good intro , has a solid foundation to stand on strong thesis , and leaves the reader convinced stellar conclusion is a great way to make sure your paper is all-around better—and longer! Edit my paper now! She is the author of "College Stress Solutions" and features on many media outlets. Here are a few techniques that have served me well. As the documents are always justified on the left margin, it helps to create a visible change. No detail should be spared. Fortunately, it is possible by using the following tricks. We accept:.

You should scale down the right margin. If you forgot a whole section focusing on the counter argument that could be the reason why your paper is 2 pages shorter than the requirement.

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In writing of a background about something, you need to have some factual evidence to support your statements to make meaning to the reader. Pronouns are usually words that stand in for a subject and object in a sentence; instead of using pronouns go straight and state the subjects and objects in your sentences. Case in point: "They went to the store. Apr 15, Disney When you're writing a school paper and you've been researching and typing for what feels like ages but you still haven't reached your teacher's required page count, you start to get a little When you know everything about period tips which would make your essay longer, now it would be useful to learn how to make an essay longer with words. This tip can help you to extend your paper without any noticeable changes. Add a fancy footer with page numbers. You can also choose to increase the length of your headers so that you can occupy more space hence more pages. Font size can also make a big impact on your paper. Our company offers the best essay writing service on the web and is always ready to help with your task! Ditch the contractions. Before I give you the real hacks and don't worry, I have plenty of those , look back at the rubric and make sure you included everything the teacher asked of you. Make a separate cover page. How descriptive can you get about the evolution of electricity, you ask?

In case it is too visible, change it for instance to 1. Add a fancy footer with page numbers.

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For example, if your professor asks to use 11 pt. See if You Can Prove Yourself Wrong Think about the arguments against your thesis—and then make sure you've addressed those points.

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Include your name, the title, the number of the course, the date, the name of your teacher, number of your student ID card and email. While explaining your points, you should give different versions of the same point and explain each independently.

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Obviously, your teacher will appreciate your attention to detail and presentation. By decreasing the amount of space the words can take up per page, you increase the number of pages required to fit your existing content.

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Lastly, you should always go back to your rubric and read through all the needs for the essay, then come and proofread your work so that you can add words where needed and you will have achieved lengthening of your essay. Continue Reading. If your paper is good, you'll have examples to support your thesis. You have to learn how to add words to your conclusion; after finishing the conclusion, you can read through and know exactly where to add words to your sentences. You have a possibility to select your writer and stay in touch with our team till your paper is written. Order now Our service helps thousands of students to do their assignment. Nobody has to know! In writing of a background about something, you need to have some factual evidence to support your statements to make meaning to the reader.
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How to Make an Essay Longer