Write a newspaper report on school sports day

And it was much easier than they expected, Lydia said "he was just really lovely, it wasn't like talking to a famous person.

Write a newspaper report on school sports day

They found an overwhelming majority of pupils agreed that girls should be allowed to keep playing. They asked the Olympic medallist about what triggered him to start cycling and what advice he gives young people who want to compete. Mr Aslam, the teacher organising the School Reporters, said they were all hard at work and very excited. Teacher Chris Goulding said the School Reporters learned more in two hours of editing than they usually would have learned in a week. They guided all the sports events of the day with their fair and unbiased judgement. Sports Day radio will be streamed live at the top of this page from until BST. This slideshow requires JavaScript. All teams joined forces to produce a final report and a news article for the Dartford Messenger. Kate and Alana said: "We are the lucky ones," adding: "We were not surprised that teachers and pupils signed to support the campaign. The displays made way for the highly awaited athletic events where competitiveness among the students soared through the roof. The idea came after they found out one of the girl footballers at their school had put in a petition to the FA for girls to be allowed to continue playing with boys after the age of eleven.

It was an exciting day for the students of School of Education and the returning trip was filled with lots of nostalgic memories of the eventful and educational day. The events were finished off with the most energetic and cheered tug of war for the girls where all the members of the team competed against each other.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript. Welsh students get kicks with recycled football Pupils played a five-a-side match with a football made from plastic shopping bags, newspapers and magazines at a Carmarthenshire school. British athlete Chris Smith was joining them to be interviewed about his sporting career - including his next challenge the European Championships.

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Another highlight of the day was the lighting of the Presidency Torch which was carried by Chirag K ,our national aquatic champion, Rajkumar, who is a part of the Under State Team, Nidhi and Dheemanth, the school Taekwondo champions.

After announcement of the winners by Ms. And maybe they achieved a different sort of record.

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The audience next witnessed various displays symbolizing alternative sources of energy.

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Annual Sports Day Report