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Likewise, rapid advances in media, telecommunications, and computer technology have facilitated wide sharing of information among multiple civil society stakeholders.

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It states your position and your argument in a few sentences. Networking among multiple stakeholders allows for the sharing of information and knowledge that is important for poverty reduction and economic development.

Through regular communication with him on mail and phone, he has mentored me on my career and I have discovered my passion for maternal and child health. They are outgoing and friendly and stay in contact with other people in the network on an ongoing basis.

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This could thus be the Situation no knowledge writing abstracts, lack of medical specialists and Task need to learn how to write abstract and manage complicated cases on his ownthe Action constitutes attending the conferences and establishing a stronger bond with the professor which brought him unprecedented success Results and opened doors he had never known existed.

Through such joint efforts, parties are often more capable of influencing the future of their communities. As a result of these conversations and newly found connections, individuals often find jobs and freelance work, locate apartments, trade services, and develop cooperative strategies.

To accomplish this task, networks of civil society groups that include NGOs, church groups, women's groups, and youth organizations need to be nurtured. In turn, I was able to provide for him some data regarding the malaria burden amongst pregnant and lactating mothers.

One of the useful aspects of these national and international platforms is their clearinghouse mandate, which allows for a wide exchange of information.

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